Get in My ‘Belly’: Company Launches Marketing Suite Powered By Loyalty Solution

Get in My 'Belly' Company Launches Marketing Suite Powered By Loyalty SolutionNo, a beloved character from the Austin Powers film franchise hasn’t opened up a marketing firm. But the news is still just as exciting.

Belly’s vision of making businesses personal has expanded today with the launch of Belly Complete,” the company says, calling it a comprehensive marketing suite.

With Belly’s customer loyalty solution as the driver, businesses can now “utilize their program’s data to connect their online marketing initiatives to their offline customer visits.”

This new product offering launches right after a major announcement from Apple. During the company’s July 21st earnings call, Apple CFO Luca Maestri mentioned that they are working with select mobility partners, which Belly is part of, to drive business transformation across iOS devices.

Belly’s integration with the other included technology companies, we’re told, will enable businesses to put the unique capabilities of iPad to work within their organizations quicker and easier. As a signed partner, Belly will “provide its expanded product to an even wider network of retail businesses.”

“By always focusing on building the best product for the businesses we partner with, we’ve redefined how businesses engage with their customers,” says Logan LaHive, CEO of Belly. “We’re excited to work with Apple to transform how retailers use their iOS devices to drive their business forward.”