Gen Z Shoppers Stand Out with Strong Omnishopping Growth in US

Which Retailers are Mobile Maestros DMI Releases 2015 Top 10 ListWith the holiday shopping season now behind us, it’s apparent just how big of an impact on retail sales Gen Z had. And they were more mobile than ever this year.

When it comes to combining in-store visits and online product research or purchase, Generation Z (ages 18 to 26) leads all other shopper age groups in the US, lending some spark an otherwise flat “omnishopping” environment.

That’s according to recently-released findings from GfK’s annual FutureBuy study.

The study shows that nearly half (46%) of all Gen Z shoppers in the US have researched an item on a mobile device and then bought it in a store – a strategy known as “webrooming.” That level is up 5 percentage points from 2015 and beats other generations by 12 to 27 points.

One-third (32%) of Gen Z US shoppers report they researched a product in a bricks-and-mortar store and then bought it online via a mobile device (“showrooming”). This compares to 24% just a year ago, and bests other generations by 11 to 20 percentage points.

Frequency of showrooming is also higher among the younger generations, with Gens Y (ages 27 to 36) and Z much more likely to say they showroom at least once a week. Generation X (ages 37 to 51), on the other hand, tends to fall into the “once every few weeks to once a month” category.

Overall, webrooming – reported by one-third (34%) of all US shoppers – is much more common than showrooming (21% of US shoppers), the report announcement reads.

To learn more about the study and its findings, click here.