Geico Steps Up Mobile Efforts with GloveBox

Geico has unveiled a new application customized for the iPhone and iPod touch dubbed “GloveBox,” which provides a platform to service and generate interest from both potential and existing Geico customers.

In 2009, the automotive insurance industry steadily began seeking new channels to reach clients and service their needs. Geico is now joining the growing mobile device user community with a new app that, on the whole, serves as an extension of the insurance provider’s customer service system.

The Geico GloveBox application enables customers to access their account, schedule or authorize a payment, and view their insurance card digitally. Geico, however, is placing a substantial degree of marketing emphasis on the application’s ability to help users involved in an automobile accident. Geico even walks mobile users through the process of changing a flat tire.

Geico is among the first major automotive insurance companies to roll out a multi-functional application that proves comprehensive for both current and potential insurance policy holders. Admitting the obvious potential of the mobile channel for insurance companies, Geico executive Jess Reed says: “We realize there is a subset of our customers that do much of their business over this type of device and we want to be there for them with the convenience that their chosen device provides.”

Geico, which provides auto insurance coverage for nine million individuals, is the third-largest private passenger auto insurer in the US.