GAWK Gears Up for Launch of Disruptive Mobile Marketing Product

Gawk, Inc., a cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service company, is launching a new product designed to provide “unprecedented direct message delivery” to mobile users.

The offering, we’re told, creates a unique, new channel for B2B and B2C users.

GAWK’s new Direct Delivery delivers messages directly into the voicemail box of the user without a ring or alert, meaning the user is required to listen to the message in order to learn who it is from and what it is about.

During the product’s beta testing, response rates increased by up to 80% due to the increase in percentage of those listening to the message, which means a massive boost to ROI in call campaigns.

“In an environment where consumers quickly adapt and become immune to new promotion channels, marketers need constantly new tools to deliver their message and improve ROI,” says company CEO Scott Kettle. “We are excited about gaining marketshare with this unique and disruptive cloud technology.”

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