Gartner: 428 Million Mobile Devices Sold In Q1 2011, 19% Increase Year-Over-Year

In Gartner’s latest mobile market report, the research firm indicated that over 428 million mobile devices were sold in Q1 of this year, representing a solid 19% year-over-year increase.

As usual, the growth is attributed to the continued spike in smartphone sales– which Gartner pegs at 100.7 million for Q1, up 85% year-over-year.  Android remained the top dog, which soared past Symbian to capture 36% of the market.  Nokia’s Symbian is in second place with 27.4%, followed by Apple’s iOS with 16.8%, RIM’s BlackBerry with 12.9% and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 with 3.6%.

The difference between Android and Symbian is significant given the fact that, at the end of 2010, the roles were completely reversed.  Symbian held 37.4% of the market while Android was far behind with 22.7%.

In terms of device manufacturers, Nokia still holds first place with 25.1% mobile devices sold, a large drop from the 30.6% share the company held in Q1 2010. Nokia’s market share will likely keep plummeting at least until the company starts selling Windows Phone 7-based devices, which is supposed to happen in 2012.  Meanwhile, Samsung holds second place with 16.1% of the market, followed by LG, Apple, RIM and other companies whose market share is lower than 3%.

Looking forward, Gartner predicts that worldwide smartphone sales will reach 468 million units in 2011, with Android taking 38.5% of the smartphone market.  The way Android has been growing like wildfire, I’d say the prediction is accurate, if not conservative.