Gamification in Utilities Gains Steam Across Mobile

Word Cloud "Gamification"Gamification will be big this year… very big. That’s according to a new study, “Business Strategy: The Role of Gamification in Utilities’ Consumer Engagement” produced by IDC Energy Insights.

Based on details of the report shared with MMW today, the forecast calls for worldwide utilities IT spending for gamification tools, applications, and services to be approximately $13.5 million this year, climbing to $65 million in 2016.

IDC Energy Insights also expects that by 2016, 60% of progressive worldwide energy retailers will utilize at least one gamified application.

Gamification is a much vaunted strategy to engage and encourage audiences to undertake and adopt actions or behaviors that they may not get round to left to their own devices. The new IDC Energy Insights study explores the potential for gamified applications in the energy sector by analyzing real-world pioneering and innovative gamification projects.

“With all the hype surrounding gamification, some of which is rightly deserved, it remains to be seen how well these mechanisms work over the long term or the level of appetite and patience that audiences will have when faced with a plethora of gamified applications vying for their attention. However, it provides an interesting avenue for further investigation and research,” says Adam Ajzensztejn, senior research analyst for IDC Energy Insights, EMEA.