Gameloft Sets Lofty Goals for Mobile Gaming

Gameloft has an ambitious agenda for the coming months. The growing game publisher made its plans known this week as the company touted its upcoming slate of fresh releases.

Boasting of more than 57 million monthly active users today, Gameloft says that 60 percent of its smartphone revenue comes from in-app purchases and advertising.

As a result, Gameloft is about to unleash a new inventory of mobile games. All told, Gameloft will market at least 20 more groundbreaking games before 2012 winds to a close.

The new titles include such bankable projects as Wild Blood; Modern Combat 4; Playmobil Pirates; My Littlest Petshop; Zombiewood; and Heroes of Order & Chaos.

According to Venture Beat, Gameloft generated $119.7 million dollars in the first half of 2012, which is up 24 percent from $96.5 million one year ago.

This week, the mobile gaming giant increased its full-fiscal-year guidance to $257.8 million.