Game On: Beacons Helps Sports Teams Reclaim $1 Billion in Lost Ticket Sales

telephone-586266_960_720Proxbook, a global directory of proximity companies, has just released its Q2 2016 Proxbook Report, which has aggregated information from more than 330 Proximity Solution Providers and reveals latest trends, facts and figures from the global proximity industry as well as the impact of proximity marketing on global professional sports teams and events.

The findings shared with MMW are powerfully insightful. The key takeaways? Among them is the fact that proximity sensors deployed globally continue to grow fast.

“The amount of proximity sensors sees a large uptake in Q2 with an increase of 2,072,500 proximity sensors,” the report summary reads. “There are now 8,273,500 proximity sensors deployed globally registered by Proxbook members as of Q2 2016.”

6,061,500 of these sensors are beacons. 2,099,000 are NFC sensors and 113,000 Wi­Fi points. Since Q1 2016, there has been an impressive 33% increase in global sensors

“The 6,061,500 beacons deployed by members of Proxbook, are  aligned with ABI Research’s forecast of 8 million beacons by the end of 2016 and 400 million beacons deployed by 2020,” the report concludes.

To learn more about how sports teams and venues are reclaiming over 1 billion dollars in lost ticket sales, check out the full report here.