Gallop Labs Gallops Into Facebook Marketing Partner Program

Gallop Labs Gallops Into Facebook Marketing Partner programGallop Labs Inc. has been named a badged Facebook Marketing Partner with an Ad Technology specialty.

It’s a big deal for Gallop Labs, especially at a time when Facebook is rolling out its new Facebook Marketing Partner program, which is designed to make it easier for marketers to “find partners that match their needs.”

“The incredible reach of Facebook and the ability to target with precision is key to our prescriptive mobile marketing platform,” says Karthik Ramakrishnan, CEO of Gallop.

“Digital platforms like Facebook are at the forefront of making mobile marketing truly effective and unlocking predicted $42B in mobile advertising by 2017,” Ramakrishnan adds. “Our deep customer intelligence is what drives better business outcomes. Our proprietary set of machine learning algorithms allows us to leverage first party data to unlock the full potential of platforms like Facebook.”

If you’re not familiar, Gallop’s platform lets mobile marketers integrate and analyze their first party data — such as in-app activity and purchases — with their mobile marketing campaigns. After identifying key audiences to target, Gallop says it “helps marketers optimize for business goals in real time and tie Facebook ad spend to real business metrics.”

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