GalaxyS4 ‘Heavier, Fatter, Less Refined’ Than Apple’s iPhone 5

Fewer than 24 hours after Samsung lifted the curtain on its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, analysts from around the tech world are weighing in on what Samsung is positioning as a groundbreaking new Android powered smartphone.

On Friday morning, analyst Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets weighed in on matters and called the Galaxy mostly inferior to Apple’s iPhone 5.

“We are amazed by how analysts and the media have turned on Apple during the recent stock downdrafts with statements that Samsung is ‘out-innovating’ Apple,” White told investors today. “One would believe that Samsung is crushing Apple in the mobile phone market. We believe this is complete nonsense.”

While he admitted that the S4 has a pixel density of 441 per inch – which is superior to the screen resolution of the iPhone 5’s display – White says the S4 is “heavier” and “fatter” and even “less refined” than the iPhone 5.

White also jabs at the S4’s plastic casing, determining that it is “no match” for the iPhone 5’s aluminum unibody enclosure.

Gene Munster, the resident mobile tech guru of Piper Jaffray, largely agrees with White.

“While the S4 is likely to be the iPhone’s biggest competitor this year at the high-end of the market, we remain confident in our iPhone estimate for this year of 177.5 million, which includes a cheaper phone in the September quarter,” Munster says. “We view the S4 as unlikely to meaningfully impact iPhone share of the high-end over the full year, but do expect it to take share from other Android phones.”

Do you believe the Samsung Galaxy S4 is superior or inferior to Apple’s iPhone 5?