Gabstr Debuts at SXSW Startup Spotlight

Gabstr Debuts at SXSW Startup SpotlightIf history is any indication of the future, some of tomorrow’s most promising companies, apps, and platforms are being launched this week at the 2014 SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

Since MMW arrived Friday, we’ve been privy to an array of company and product launches, many of which are clearly well-positioned for a prosperous run.

One of the startup standouts is Gabstr, a location-based, crowd-sourced communities app. The company officially launched at SXSW Startup Spotlight on Friday.

This new app helps users interact with others and know what’s happening in any part of the world.

From the company’s formal launch announcement:

Using the same strategy as Twitter for nicknames, Gabstr provides the ideal platform for interaction among like-minded strangers.

“When we were designing the app we thought ‘Why not give people the opportunity to share a nice group conversation (about anything, possibilities are endless) with folks that are sharing the same area of the planet at that time?’” says Domingo Montanaro, CEO of Gabstr. “There is no need for anybody to be Facebook friends or Twitter followers as long as they happen to be in the same Gabstr hub at the same time.”

Montanaro claims that Gabstr “is the next big thing in apps.”

“No matter what town you are in, you can create groups based on your interest or just join conversations to see what’s buzzing,” he says.

To check out the new app for yourself, click here.