Fyber and Partners Launch New In-App Header Bidding Technology

Ahead of the weekend, MMW learned that Fyber — a leading technology company creating solutions for smarter ad monetization — announced the launch of Fyber FairBid, the world’s “first and only mechanism” to achieve a true state of header bidding for the in-app environment.

We’re told that Fyber has partnered with AdColony and Tapjoy, two of the world’s leading mobile advertising platforms, to launch FairBid’s beta.

FairBid is the first product Fyber has launched under its new unified branding and product strategy, bringing together all former acquisitions under one brand.

So how does it all work?

Fyber FairBid levels the playing field between different classes of buyers by eliminating the “waterfall” that exists in most mediation solutions for in-app inventory. Fyber’s proprietary FairBid technology allows mobile in-app publishers to maximize ad monetization by enabling all types of demand to compete in one place, side-by-side in a flat, fair, and transparent auction. It brings together programmatic demand from DSPs, direct campaigns, and SDk-mediated networks all into one, simultaneous auction, letting the highest bid win.

“FairBid makes no judgement as to which is the better buying mechanism. We understand that many app publishers and buyers of in-app inventory wish to take advantage of the rich creative options SDKs support. The industry needs a solution that eliminates hidden and unfair “first looks” given to some buyers in a waterfall-based auction, and finally brings a state of header bidding – that has been proven successful for desktop – into the in-app environment,” said Offer Yehudai, President at Fyber. “At the end of the day, demand is demand.”