Fusion360 Shares Helpful Facebook Secrets

Social media marketing is the big thing. True, big things come and go. But any smart person or company rides the tiger while it lasts. And right now, …

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Fusion360 Shares Helpful Facebook SecretsSocial media marketing is the big thing.

True, big things come and go. But any smart person or company rides the tiger while it lasts. And right now, friends, it’s social media.

“Marketing companies all over America are utilizing networks like Facebook and other social media,” says Sara Bezdijan of Fusion360 , one of the nation’s leading digital advertising agencies based in Salt Lake City, Utah. “For the average Internet user, Facebook is pretty easy to navigate. But there are a couple of tricks that can make it easier.”

What can one do to make life on … say, Facebook, for instance … more amenable?

“Some of your friends on Facebook are co-workers, conservative in-laws, or even snoopy neighbors — all of whom would be sorely offended if you ever de-friend them outright,” says Bezdijan. “Nevertheless, you do not want these individuals seeing certain … suggestive photos from Harold’s Halloween party last week.”

Bezdijan suggests using Facebook’s “Lists” feature by clicking ‘Account,’ then ‘Edit Friends’ and then ‘Create a List.’ After that, you can simply go to Privacy Settings, go to ‘Customize Settings’ and enter the name of the group under ‘Hide.’

“You can even click ‘Preview my Profile’ and enter the name of a friend to check how your profile will look to them,” she reveals.

Events are easier to promote on a social media site.

“One of the most useful links for Facebook is inviting friends to an event,” writes Bezdijan. “When your friend count gets upwards of 100 people, individually clicking on each person can be dead boring, if not downright frustrating. So here is a super helpful code when you want to invite all your friends on Facebook to an event:

javascript:var x=document.getElementsByTagName(“input”);for(var i=0;i<x.length;i++) {if (x[i].type == ‘checkbox’) {x[i].click();}}

And there’s more.

“You can also turn your own profile picture into an emoji,” says Bezdijan.

An emoji is a type of emoticon used on  iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone, as well as Mac OS X and Windows 8.

“Simply take your username (usually the last part of your Facebook URL) and type it in double brackets. Then it will show up as a little emoticon of you,” she says.

With a couple keywords, you can also search for people who aren’t your friends on a site — for instance, at a marketing agency. For example, simply type ‘randos who work at Utah Department of Commerce’ and you’ll get results of individuals with whom you aren’t currently friends. Talk about social media networking!”

Also, she writes, making a social media page easy to find is important.

“You can personalize your Facebook URL and thereby help your potential customers find you,” says Bezdijan. Simply click ‘Account’ and then click ‘change’ next to your username. Then you can type in something you like. Be sure it’s simple — and watch as it can improve your search results.”

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