FunMobility: 2014 Will Change Mobile Marketing Forever

FunMobility 2014 Will Change Mobile Marketing ForeverIn 2013, consumers were still adopting mobile technology faster that marketers were. Today, millions of smartphone owners use their devices for an average of 2 hours and 21 minutes per day.

Nonetheless, despite the accelerated consumer adoption of mobile tech and continuing annual expansion of the mobile marketing industry, there is ample room for further growth. And that growth is coming this year.

According to a new report from the team at FunMobility, 2014 will be a game changing year for mobile marketing. And here are their top 5 reasons why.

1. Mobile Screen Optimization

More businesses are going to discover that they do, in fact, need a mobile website and that all marketing emails need to be optimized for the mobile screen.

2. Mobile First

The overwhelming majority of marketers will follow the lead of Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and other top companies that have wisely established a “mobile first” mentality.

3. Opt-In Focus for Mobile

While email opt-ins aren’t going away, the focus will now shift to mobile opt-ins.  With SMS marketing profoundly effective, more marketers will supplement or replace email marketing with text message marketing.

4. Mainstream Mobile Coupons

The use of mobile coupons in 2014 will go mainstream. Consumers now have profound preference for mobile coupons and the slow death of print coupons is proving that point.

5. Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Marketers will get serious about the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and focus intensely on compliance rules to avoid penalties while maintaining effective mobile marketing practices.