Funbox Claims ROI Boost with SiteScout’s Real-Time Bidding Platform

Funbox Claims ROI Boost with SiteScout’s Real-Time Bidding PlatformSiteScout, a prominent self-serve platform for buying banner ads on the web and mobile devices, announced this week the completed case study results with client Funbox.

It goes without saying that real-time bidding (RTB) is revolutionizing digital ads, enabling marketers to reach millions of online consumers across tens of thousands of websites with highly focused content.

The challenge, however, is ensuring that those ads only appear on sites that are appropriate to the marketer’s brand.

The aforementioned new case study examines how Funbox is using the SiteScout self-serve RTB platform to balance split-second media buying decisions with robust brand safety in order to deliver the most impact for online advertisers.

As shared with MMW this week, the key benefits that Funbox has realized with SiteScout include:

  • SiteScout’s real-time performance means that Funbox can respond to ad opportunities with highly targeted campaigns in less than one-tenth of a second.
  • Managing some 15 billion ad impressions each day, the SiteScout platform provides Funbox with the breadth of inventory to achieve campaign volume and maximize ROI.
  • Features in the SiteScout platform enable Funbox to optimize its ad bidding based on data about each ad impression.
  • SiteScout’s domain targeting feature, which enables whitelisting and blacklisting functionality, helps to significantly automate the process of verifying websites.
  • SiteScout’s ability to serve both Web and mobile advertising supports Funbox’s multi-channel media buying strategy.

“We started working with SiteScout a couple years ago, and we’ve been using them ever since because they deliver on what they promise,” said Wout Van Damme, Funbox CEO. “The speed of real-time reporting with SiteScout is exceptional and, to date, quite unique. The whitelisting feature has become an important component of our brand protection efforts, and the SiteScout team is very agile and quick to respond, which helps us to deliver more value to our clients.”

To check out the entire case study for yourself, click here.