Full-Web Mobile Experience From SkyFire

Since the iPhone has revolutionized the thought of a full-web experience on mobile devices, other companies and software makers have been hot on its heels to bring the technology to other devices. SkyFire, a new startup out of Mountain View, has introduced their version of a mobile browser that fills the void nicely.

SkyFire’s new browser is a lot like iPhone’s Safari browser in that it provides full-page views of websites in their entirety, but differs in the compatibility with java and ajax based websites.

A huge complaint with Safari was the lack of java and ajax support that many of today’s websites include as part of their design. Things like videos, embedded Google maps, and other new-age web-based technologies can’t be viewed on the iPhone without opening a separate application.

SkyFire’s version uses the method of loading most of a websites content, including java and ajax elements, to its third-party servers rather than the mobile device. Its servers do most of the “heavy lifting” and the website, once loaded, is shot back to the mobile device without the user knowing the difference. This makes for seamless, and quicker web-browsing experience that finally includes almost all elements of every website. You can watch YouTube videos and scroll through Google maps directly in the SkyFire browser.

The browser is available for Windows Mobile, but they’ve also recently launched a beta program for Symbian’s S60 platform. Invites are available on their website.