FTC Investigating Google’s Waze Acquisition

Over the weekend, Google admitted to having been contacted by attorneys from the Federal Trade Commission.

The point of contact was in response to the Internet search giant’s $1.1 billion acquisition of the mobile navigation company Waze.

Announced just two weeks ago, the deal to purchase Waze was headline-making following rumors of other bog companies fighting with Google for the buy.
A Google spokeswoman refused to address the antitrust review by the FTC.

Lawyers familiar with government antitrust investigations say the FTC may have asked Google not to integrate with Waze, pending its review.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the FTC “would have to determine whether Waze would have become a head-to-head competitor with Google, whose Google Maps software is the dominant digital mapping and navigation service around the world, or whether there is any evidence, such as emails, that showed Google wanted to acquire the company only to keep it from rivals.”

Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple were all supposedly interested in the purchase of Waze before a deal with Google was reached.