From Devices to Applications: Understanding the Enterprise Mobility Shift

From Devices to Applications Understanding the Enterprise Mobility ShiftThis week, Good Technology shared with MMW the key findings from its Q2 2014 Good Mobility Index Report.

“This quarter,” a provided statement reads, “in addition to continued double digit growth in the number of customer-built applications, there was significant growth in the number of activations in secure instant messaging (IM), customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) apps.”

According to the data at hand, organizations are adapting a “going mobile” approach and leveraging the power of secure enterprise apps to mobilize business processes that have typically lived on the desktop.

“It’s more apparent than ever that cross platform enterprise mobility is disrupting legacy desktop and mobile environments,” says Christy Wyatt, Chairman and CEO of Good Technology. “We continue to see companies deploying a breadth of devices and a diverse set of applications to drive higher value for their business, across all vertical markets.  Most exciting to us is the rapidly-growing segment of customers creating and deploying their own secure enterprise apps, across platforms, to fuel their business needs.”

The full report is available to review online now at no charge. To check it out, click here.