From App Annie to Airpush, Growthverse Helps Marketers ‘Visualize’ the Best Industry Leaders, Resources

From App Annie to Airpush, Growthverse Helps Marketers 'Visualize' the Best Industry Leaders, ResourcesWho are the most important players and service providers in the digital marketing game today?

Regardless of your problem, challenge, or opportunity, a new resource from Accel Partners can help steer you toward the appropriate partner you need get out of a mess or make the most of a promising situation.

Growthverse is serving up a visualization of companies in the marketing technology space that “can be uniquely probed and prodded by users in search of information particularly relevant to their needs and ambitions.”

“It all starts with one question: What marketing problem are you looking to solve?” asks MAW report author Michael Wiser. “From industry leaders in analytics, like App Annie, to mobile advertising’s most innovative and effective platforms, like Airpush, the robust roster of high quality and infinitely qualified companies in this space can help those with problems effortlessly find the industry’s best problem solvers.”

Accel Partners’ Kobie Fuller believes this tool can point the right people in the right direction to the right service providers.

“It’s still confusing but we’re doing our part to make it a little easier,” Fuller is quoted in the report. “If we’re able to do that, we’ve done our job. It’s a problem we both emotionally identify with. If we’re able to have knowledge and development a platform that can do that, and we can leverage our brainpower and the communities, we’re done a big service to marketing technology as a whole.”

To learn more, check out the comprehensive visual and interactive features here.