Reveals Today’s Top Online Jobs

The digital age and its associated mobile technologies have turned freelance employment opportunities all over the world into full-blown, lucrative careers.

As a result, the people at have researched the matter and uncovered the fastest growing Internet jobs between July and September 2012.

Among the highlights of the new report:

  • Android saw a massive 16% growth in jobs, bolstered by the success of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean release.
  • The interactive web continued to soar, with HTML5, jQuery, and PHP jobs all seeing double-digit growth as businesses looked to boost their mobile offerings.
  • eBay jobs made an explosive comeback, growing 41%, as the ecommerce giant unveiled new designs and features to strengthen its position in the social and mobile era.
  • Facebook jobs saw an 11% growth, a welcome recovery as marketers gradually returned following a traumatic 14% drop in Q2 amidst the company’s disastrous IPO. Social Networking jobs as a whole grew 15% after stagnating at a 1% growth in Q2.

“After a period of uncertainty,” the company says, “the industry has bounced back, delivering moderate growth for Internet Marketing (up 12% to 15475 jobs), SEO (up 12% to 10509 jobs) and Link Building (up 8% to 7068 jobs).”