Free White Paper on Mobile Advertising

If you find mobile advertising even a tad bit confusing, I recommend grabbing this free white paper on mobile advertising, written by Peggy Anne Salz, chief analyst and publisher of MSearchGroove. Sponsored by bango, it is a guide which will help you understand how mobile advertising works and provide you with hints and tips on how to run mobile advertising campaigns successfully and how to analyze the results.

This 35-page paper walks you through mobile advertising step by step guidance with screen shots. It makes setting up an ad campaign a breeze. She even sets up two programs to analyze the campaign and shows the results she got.

The paper also addresses a big question that is forefront in many people’s minds: why should we try mobile advertising? Is it really worth it? Salz covers this topic handily with statistics, examples and quotes from mobile industry insiders.

In the conclusion of the paper, Salz says,

Mobile advertising is a brave new space with new rules and new rewards. As publishers and advertisers, we should be conscious that our efforts to achieve our business objectives can be
compared to a marathon with no finish line.

I agree completely and getting this white paper is a great place to get started.