Free Premium iPhone Apps Now Brewing at Starbucks

Your next visit to a Starbucks may have you leaving with more digital goods than you came in with.

Building on the longstanding partnership between Apple and Starbucks (a tandem that famously enables coffee drinkers to download free music tracks from iTunes) the two companies are at it again – but this time what they’re giving away is of a “premium” nature.

According to CNET, using the familiar “Pick of the Week” cards the two companies have been employing since April 2008, Starbucks is “now using that same system to dole out iPhone applications.

Just like for music, users can find free cards waiting for them at the cash register with codes on the back that can be entered into iTunes or the App Store to get the application.

For now, the first iOS app to be given away at no charge is Shazam Encore, a hugely popular music-identifying app that sells for $5.99.

At this time, it isn’t clear if the ap giveaways will replace music track giveaways. Neither Starbucks or Apple have formally commented on the new promotion.