Free Group Messaging From Tatango Set For Launch

Tatango is a new service launching July 15th that offers free group-messaging services from a PC or mobile device. It’s actually the re-birth of the popular NetworkText service that grew by leaps and bounds since it’s October 2007 launch. They serviced over 400,000 users and 15,000,000 total text messages in their short existence as NetworkText, and have since improved the overall platform for it’s version 2.0, which will now sport the Tantango brand.

They offer simple web-based access to your groups list which allow you to simply send a mass-SMS to your groups with the click of a button. You can also access your groups, and broadcast a message from your mobile device as well. It’s a perfect solution for letting your friends know what the plans are for the night, or to let your employees know about a meeting change quick and easily. The service, of course, includes full permission control by way of opt-out and other privacy barriers.

From a mobile advertiser’s perspective, it provides a perfect cost-efficient solution to building mobile customer lists, and marketing to those lists on an on-going basis without racking up fees. For a small-business owner who doesn’t send a constant stream of advertisements over a long period of time, it’s a great solution.

To keep the service free, they’ve included small advertisements at the bottom of each message sent. No word yet as to how they target the advertisements, but we’ll know more after the July 15th beta launch. Head over to to request an invite. We’ll also be offering a select number of invites here, so stay tuned!