Free Burrito Offer is Mobile Coupon Viral Win

One reason brands love mobile marketing is the ability to spur immediate purchases. In Colorado, restaurant chain Big City Burrito, announced that it acquired 300 new customers in one month using mobile marketing. The company plans to keep on using mobile marketing to retain those customers as well.

The Marketing xfactor reports that Brad Harris, managing partner of Burrito Works, used to rely soley on traditional direct mail campaigns in the past. The young chain needed to generate buzz to compete against other chains like Chipole Grill. So Harris put mobile coupons to the test, and with 300 new customers in one month, liked his findings.

On Jan 13, his company sent out a direct mail campaign to 10,000 16- to 34-year-olds in the area. The mailing prompted potential customers to text a short code to obtain a free burrito. In times like these, who can say no to free lunch? “It seems as though when the consumer has limited dollars to spend in a limited economy, they’re prone to spend where they want to get deals,” Harris told 1to1media.

That campaign started to spread virally right away. Within the first two days, Big City Burrito had 105 opt-ins from one high school. And within just 30 days, the campaign captured 300 opt-in customers.