Frankly Rolls Out New Data-as-a-Service Product


Frankly Inc. — a content, engagement, and monetization platform for brands and media companies — introduced ahead of the weekend a new offering called Frankly Data.

Frankly Data is hailed as being a highly-effective ad targeting program for media publishers to drive transformational digital revenues by leveraging their existing sales teams.

The Frankly Data program has integrated the company’s proprietary technology and best-in-class data partners to offer the industry’s first comprehensive, data-as-a-service product.

The company tells MMW that Frankly Data “enables media publishers to deliver cross-platform, hyper-targeted audience segments with operational marketing support down to the local advertising sales executive.”

“We’re excited to put together a very innovative program using our technology and unique data insights, as well as to partner with leading companies such as Krux and Reveal Mobile, to produce actionable user insights and support robust advertising revenue streams for our station partners,” said William Ammerman, Head of Advertising at Frankly. “The Frankly Data program will be spearheaded by our recently joined VP of Sales, Eric Burns, a proven industry veteran with executive experience at some of the world’s leading data and media companies.”