Foxwoods Resort Casino, Victory Square Venture Capital Gamble on Gaming Innovation

Foxwoods Resort Casino announced this week that’s its taking a gamble with very little risk. The company is partnering with a powerhouse and award-winning company called Victory Square Venture Capital Inc.

The two market leaders, we’re told, are teaming up to redefine interactive entertainment with a proprietary suite of innovative digital gaming experiences.

The groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind partnership, launching as the Foxwoods and Victory Square Ventures Living Lab, marks as a first entry into the casino space for the venture capital firm – which has a strong background in online and social gaming, daily fantasy sports, lottery, and virtual and augmented reality.

The Living Lab, which is set to offer various types of interactive solutions, will tap the expertise of both partners for the joint development and marketing of the most innovative gaming and betting-related entertainment technology on the market.

“Foxwoods is thrilled to partner with Victory Square Ventures, joining two of the most innovative minds in the gaming industry,” said Felix Rappaport, President and CEO of Foxwoods Resort Casino. “The Living Lab is an exciting enterprise that represents not only the next step in Foxwoods’ gaming evolution, but our commitment to leading the transformation of the industry as a whole and continuously giving guests unique experiences that excite. This is the future of gaming.”