Foursquare: From 100M Check-Ins To 200M In The Last Two Months Alone

Despite its recent stability issues the last couple days, Foursquare may have one more reason to justify its growing pains.  The company subtly admitted today that it’s hit 200 million total check-ins, doubling from the 100 million it reported on July 20th — just two months ago.

The title of a blog post the company published today regarding yesterday’s downtown said it all; “quite the way to celebrate our 200 millionth check-in.”  Foursquare has never been very public with its numbers, but it’s easy to see that it took the company over 16 months to garner 100 million check-ins, and just two additional months to double it.  The service has gotten a ton of exposure as the LBS segment in general has heated up.  Add to it the launch of Facebook Places and other high-profile location-based services and it’s easy to see why the startup is having trouble keeping up.