Fosbury Launches Support for Samsung Wallet

Fosbury Launches Support for Samsung WalletOn Wednesday, MMW was privy to news that Fosbury – an end-to-end solution for designing, distributing, and managing digital wallet campaigns – is now supporting Samsung Wallet.

The organization simultaneously released an enterprise-class API and three SDKs to further help companies build relationships with connected consumers.

Fosbury enables brands to easily create beautifully designed, large-scale Passbook and Samsung Wallet campaigns in minutes, distribute them to all relevant platforms including Facebook, Twitter, e-newsletters and websites, and manage their performance through a robust, real-time analytics dashboard.

“Mobile is at a tipping point and consumers are starting to embrace the efficiency and convenience of having a digital wallet at their fingertips,” says Lucas Tieleman, CEO and co-founder of Fosbury.

“Brands are looking beyond apps to reach customers and expand their loyalty, and digital wallets give them the opportunity to engage with their customers both on and offline on the one device that’s never far from their reach,” he adds. “The release of our API combined with support for Android® means it is now easier than ever for brands to integrate with digital mobile wallets, increase relevancy and drive higher engagement from loyal customers who want access to all of their passes, coupons, tickets and loyalty cards in one place.”

To learn more about Fosbury and its aims, check out the company’s official webpage here.