Forward Progress on Sports Related Mobile Marketing

kansascitybrigade.gifNo longer does mobile marketing exist only to the benefit of companies with products and services to sell. Today, the entrepreneurial owners of some sports teams are in the mobile marketing game also. And the Kansas City Brigade, a popular arena league football team, is among the first aiming to take the turf to the telephone. The result? Fans equipped with cell phones and integrated PlasMedia Mobile capabilities are about to experience their home team’s mobile marketing blitz.

According to the football team, PlasMedia Mobile is “punting Kansas City Brigade sponsors and advertisers into hands in the stands.” As it now appears, a wide offering of features intended to “drop enthusiasts into the game” will be available, including Text-to-Vote for a game’s MVP, mobile coupons to promote and sell the team’s merchandise, season ticket sales and ticket upgrade opportunities, and even the ability to order and pay for concessions right from the exciting sidelines at the game.

As the absorbed theory maintains, text-to-screen functionality places advertisers big and small into the arena right in front of the niche groups they target. And the growing instances of success have provided the inspiration and opportunity for more advertisers looking to study and connect with their ideal consumers.

“Our experience,” says PlasMedia Mobile’s President Dean Talley, “confirms that The Brigade – as well as other sports franchises – have three key consumer contact concepts at the front of their minds: connection, retention and interaction. By integrating our proprietary turn-key software solution, we managed to achieve all of these goals while adding revenue to our clients’ bottom line.”

“To make forward progress, we aggressively go for it – we seek potent, powerful ways to put Brigade patrons up close and personal to the action, and PlasMedia Mobile’s mobile interactivity technology helps us do just that,” said Neil Smith, Brigade Co-Owner and former NFL star. “We could not have thought of a better partner than Plasmedia Mobile to provide this technology to us.”

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