Fortumo Launches Open Bundling Platform for Co-Marketing

Recently, mobile technology company Fortumo has launched its bundling platform Trident to the general public. The platform is now available for all digital merchants using co-marketing to sell complementing products as part of one package.

Trident has so far been used by digital merchants to package their services with mobile operators and TV networks.

Now, we’re told that any company can take advantage of the platform’s capabilities in user authentication, service provisioning, payment collection and churn prevention.

“Co-marketing is growing in popularity among companies targeting the same audience with complementing products. The world’s biggest brands are using the approach for user base growth and retention, notable examples being Nike-Apple and Spotify-Hulu partnerships. By opening up Trident, companies get access to a standardized solution for launching these deals and getting better results out of their co-marketing efforts,” explained Martin Koppel, CEO & Co-Founder at Fortumo.

Trident gives merchants the following capabilities:

  • User authentication: identifying users that are eligible for co-marketing campaigns, for example the requirement to be an existing customer of the partner company
  • Service provisioning: activation and deactivation of user access to the services
  • Campaign management: allowing companies to set up campaigns for user base growth, such as free trial access and discounted pricing
  • Payment collection: customer billing through their telco or broadband provider invoice
  • Customer communication: transactional and promotional A2P SMS management
  • Retention management: complex set of tools to re-engage users who are at risk of churning out or have already churned out
  • Analytics: real-time reporting on co-marketing performance, giving merchants the understanding of which partners and promotional mechanisms perform the best

Co-marketing through bundling has become widely popular in the telco industry during the past few years, with mobile operators partnering up with video and music streaming service providers. Fortumo believes the success of these partnerships can be replicated in other industries as well.

“Service providers team up with telcos because they have a loyal user base and the capability to reach those users through their marketing channels. When any digital service is expanding globally, such growth partners are extremely valuable. But it doesn’t just have to be telcos. For example, a video streaming service entering a new market can team up with the largest local daily newspaper and promote its content to their readers. A business magazine can provide more value to their audience by offering access to office software. It’s these kinds of partnerships that we’re aiming to make easy to launch through Trident. As reflected in the name, the platform helps merchants in three important customer lifecycle areas: user acquisition, monetization and retention,” added Martin Koppel.

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