Forrester Report Focuses on Virtual Reality for Marketing

According to VRJournal, Forrester is out with a new report entitled “Virtual Reality Isn’t Ready for Marketing Yet.”

According to the report summary from Martech Today, VR may have come a long way, but it still has a long way to go before hitting “critical-mass consumer adoption,” particularly with regard to high-end VR headsets.

Forrester believes we are five years away from hitting this critical point of mass adoption.

Last year, 42 percent of US online adults said they had never heard of VR headsets and 46 percent didn’t see a use for it in their lives. Barriers to market growth include cost and the need to establish a large enough solid user base, while barriers marketers include the high and complicated production cost of immersive VR and the inability to accurately measure and track results.

The report acknowledges that, for now, 360-degree video and mixed reality are good stepping stones, stating specifically that 360-degree video “will flourish on low-to-mid-end VR devices in the meantime.”

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