Forrester Ranks Top U.S. Online and Mobile Banking Platforms

Forrester Ranks Top U.S. Online and Mobile Banking PlatformsNowhere is the digital revolution more apparent today than in online and mobile banking.

And young Americans are driving that growth.

As MMW reported in September, the findings presented in this year’s xAd/Telmetrics Mobile Path to Purchase Study showed that banking and finance mobile users are heavily ruled by Millennials.
xAd discovered that nearly half of all mobile bankers were under the age of 35 and one-third indicated that smartphones were the most important device for their banking needs.

But with so many people turning to digital and mobile platforms for their banking, which institutions have done their part to give customers a quality mobile and online banking platform?

Well, it’s Bank of America that tops a new Forrester ranking of US bank websites, based on user experience, research content, and application functionality.

“Over the last few years, digital banking teams have worked hard on redesigning their sites to improve the online sales process, despite a heavy burden on regulatory compliance,” says Principal Analyst Tiffani Montez in the report.

Although Bank of America took the top spot, Citibank, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo were hot on its heels. Both U.S. Bank’s and Wells Fargo’s sites scored two points less than Bank of America, with Citibank just one point further behind.

“The best sites make it easy for prospects to achieve their goals — to find an account that meets their needs, apply in the channel of their choice, and have immediate access to their account. Over the last few years, US banks have chiseled away at the digital sales basics, steadily optimizing their customer journey — but they still have room to improve,” writes Montez.