Former Mercedes-Benz R&D Guru Lands at Apple

Former Mercedes-Benz R&D Guru Lands at AppleIt may have happened in September but the world at large is just hearing about it now.

Ahead of the weekend, news broke that Apple has secured the highly-coveted talents of one man who most recently worked at Mercedes-Benz in a very important role.

Apple, we’re told, has hired Johann Jungwirth, ex-president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development.

According to his freshly updated LinkedIn profile, Jungwirth is now Apple’s Director of Mac Systems Engineering.

At Mercedes-Benz, Jungwirth oversaw a number of key areas: Connected Car, UI & Telematics, Autonomous Driving, Advanced User Experience Design, Powertrain & eDrive, Advanced Exterior Design & MB Style, Group Research, and Testing & Regulatory Affairs.

There’s no telling how Apple will put a man of such talents to use, particularly given Apple’s growing interested in the connected car, but Jungwirth will undoubtedly play a central role in many future innovations out of Cupertino.