Forget the Red and Blue States… Mobile Entertainment is Uniting Everyone.

Nearly half of all U.S. mobile subscribers now value their mobile phones for “entertainment purposes” according to a new consumer study conducted by mobile technology and applications developer Artificial Life.

And something tells me that number is probably higher (once, of course, you factor out all that people who pretend not to use their phones for entertainment purposes but actually do).

Among 200 respondents surveyed, 87.5 percent of smartphone users access entertainment content like music, games and video, and 33 percent embrace mobile email, GPS and web browsing.

Perhaps most interestingly, however, 56 percent of non-smartphone users articulated a desire for the kinds of advanced features available on higher-end devices–a quarter of this segment reported interest in phones with music, gaming and video capabilities, with a third placing a premium value on gaming in particular.

In case you’re curious, this survey was commissioned by Artificial Life – a global developer of mobile applications, mobile participation TV and business applications for high-speed broadband networks.