Forget Mars and Venus! Men Are From Samsung, Women Are From Apple

Forget Mars and Venus Men Are From Samsung, Women Are From AppleThe battle of the sexes is being waged in mobile today, and there are clearly distinct preferences in smartphones when it comes to men and women.

The research, sponsored by KS Mobile, explored “gender bias” in phone choice. And that’s what they found – a strong gender bias.

A solid 45 percent of women questioned expressed a preference for Apple’s iPhone, leading Samsung and BlackBerry, among others.

For men, on the other hand, their preferred smartphone provider is Samsung, though not by the same commanding percentage that women prefer Apple’s iPhone.

The top percentage among men was Samsung’s 33. However, again there was one outlying age group that didn’t want to go along with the male crowd. Men aged 50-59 preferred Apple (34 percent).

“Overall,” reads a report summary from CNET, “Apple was the preferred brand of 39 percent of the respondents, with Samsung still 10 points behind.”