Ford Takes Top Honors with Nielsen Automotive Green Marketer of the Year Award

Ford Motor Company has been honored as the top “green” marketer of the year by Nielsen.

Today Ford was corononated king of eco-friendly ad campaigns at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.

“Ford was recognized for its successful ad campaigns embedding MPG messaging across most of their creatives from product launches to sales events. This effort coupled with campaigns featuring real people helped significantly increase positive consumer opinions and purchase consideration for the brand,” Nielsen says.

So what exactly is this award all about?

The Nielsen Automotive Green Marketer of the Year Award recognizes the brand that made the greatest strides in gaining consumer awareness and positively shifting consumer perceptions for the automotive industry’s environmentally friendly initiatives.

To determine the finalists and winner, Nielsen leveraged three research studies to incorporate awareness levels and perceptions across media types.

Nielsen says other finalists for the award included such top vehicle makers as Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota and Hyundai.