Ford May Be Sitting on a Digital Marketing Goldmine in Response to The Safety of its Vehicles

Ford May Be Sitting on a Digital Marketing Goldmine in Response to The Safety of its VehiclesAccording to a forthcoming digital marketing report from a leading global research firm, marketers in the automotive industry must understand one thing as 2015 looms on the horizon: safety sells.

Although the new report isn’t set for publication until February, MMW received a sneak peek. And the results show that auto makers that tout the safety of the vehicles in their digital marketing could see an enormous spike in sales in the coming years.

And few auto makers are in a better position to do that (with new or older model vehicles) than Ford.

Ford — in case you haven’t heard — has been “tearing it up” in a very good way. While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has continued to raise the bar for automotive manufacturers that want to achieve five-star safety ratings, Ford has devoted the time and effort it takes to score well in the rankings. From the Ford Fusion to the F150, Ford is becoming known for its engineering excellence.

Let’s take a look at three Ford offerings — recommended to us by the experts at Henry Day Ford, which has been studying and selling Ford vehicles in Utah since 1934. The company believes the 2014 Ford Focus Electric, 2013 Ford Fusion, and 2013 Ford F-150 typify the automaker’s commitment to safety superiority.

The 2014 Ford Focus Electric

What auto recently zoomed through each of the NHTSA’s three safety tests with flying colors? That would be the 2014 Ford Focus Electric. The two gas-powered models of this auto received an overall rating of four stars in both front and rollover tests, but the Electric brought home top honors with a coveted five-star rating. It’s a tad costlier than its gas-powered cousins, but benefits include beefed up features as well less expensive operational costs. Another advantage: the Focus Electric can qualify consumers for both federal and local incentives offered for buyers of electric vehicles.

The 2013 Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion received five stars less than a year ago for its stellar performance in rigorous NHTSA tests. One reason? The auto’s eight airbag system made it a crash test titan. Designed to provide enhanced protection for all vehicle occupants (seat-mounted side air bags that deploy lower in the pelvis area, as well as the chest region, and new venting technology to bolster side-impact protection), the car also features reverse cameras, an adaptive cruise control system, and a blind-spot information indicator that helps keep passengers safe and secure.

The 2013 Ford F150

Last, but definitely not least, is the F150. One of the stars of Ford’s F-Series of full-size pickup trucks, it has been a bestseller since 1948. In fact, it has been the top selling vehicle in the U.S. for more than three decades. There are good reasons why. Consumers gravitate to the F150 for its power and performance, but it’s no slouch when it comes to safety. It’s the truck with a four-star rating — a hard-earned honor for modern pickups. This truck has been touted as a “Top Safety Pick” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and continues to be an A-list choice.