Ford Gets Creative in Local Markets

One of the most interesting facets of mobile marketing (at least in my opinion) is how so many great campaigns come out of local markets. More interestingly, however, there is a world of creativity employed in local markets to learn from.

 As we’ve seen this week with a lot of pertinent news relevant to the automotive industry, the new Ford Flex is the feature vehicle in a mobile marketing campaign in the Dallas market, which is blanketing the masses by targeting a “multicultural demographic in barber shops and beauty salons.”

The campaign, running until the middle of February, is the first marketing campaign to integrate Real Content Group’s branded mobile phone text channels (uVIP Text Channels) and event and retail based mobile kiosks (bCODE) that turn neighborhood barber shops and salons into a major automotive marketing destination.

The modernized grass-roots campaign, which brings Ford directly into the community, assists Ford with building and retaining a mobile database of current and potential customers who they can offer exclusive lifestyle benefits and ultimately drive to purchase a Ford Flex from a DFW Ford dealer.