Ford Developer Program Launches Strong Out of CES

According to published reports Friday, Ford Motor Company’s AppLink SDK is resonating with developers at a high speed. So far, more than 1,000 software devs have signed up for the program that was rolled out at CES this week.

Despite how new the program is, the incentive for developers to get on board is clearly strong, especially in light of the fact that Sync AppLink services are supported hundreds of thousands of Ford vehicles like the Ford Expedition, Fusion, F-150, Focus, Mustang, E-Series and more.

“The Ford Developer Program marks a dramatic shift in how we will innovate new features and add value to our vehicles throughout the ownership period,” says Hau Thai-Tang, vice president of Engineering, Ford Global Product Development. “Opening the car to developers gives consumers a direct voice and hand in the creation of apps that can help our products remain relevant, up to date and valuable to our customers.”

Ford is the first automaker in the world to launch an open developer program that enables software developers to directly interface with the vehicle and create apps that will enhance the driving experience.

Ford says that a recent Frost & Sullivan study shows one in five survey respondents acknowledge using apps while driving with absolutely no connection to the vehicle. That reality is poised to change in the wake of Ford’s impressive efforts to to change forever how we travel the open road.