Forbes Finally Flows with Mobile Migration to Apple App Store

Prominent business magazine Forbes is falling in line with the recent actions of other leading publications that, until now, had been absent on the iOS Newsstand. But on Monday, the business world awakened to a new reality. Forbes has finally embraced iOS and is going mobile for the sake of million of iPad junkies who have collectively held their breath for this day.

Although Forbes had previously released apps on the App Store (Forbes Photos & Videos and Forbes lists, for example) the entire publication was not available even for casual perusal. But that reality changes today.

The new Forbes Newsstand app can be purchased either individually or through subscription. A single issue comes with a $5.99 price tag. Or that price is knocked down considerably when you sign up for a monthly subscription at $2.99 per month. A full one-year subscription will run you $29.99.

Subscribers to the print publication have the option to pay an additional $10 to gain access to the new digital version as well.

In late December, one of the longest holdouts for iOS Newsstand – the Wall Street Journal – finally relented and went digital for the sake of iPad readers. Consequently, following a lengthy bout of stubbornness on the part of the WSJ, the publication is now offering a comprehensive digital version of the paper via Apple’s paid subscription service.

To check out Forbes in the Apple App Store, get it here.