For Apple’s iPad, eCommerce is All About Email

For Apple's iPad, eCommerce is All About EmailAccording to the findings of a new consumer-focused study, 56 percent of mobile online sales originating from a marketing email take place on an iPad.

Using Yesmail’s After-the-Click tracking technology, more than 5 billion marketing emails sent by the company in the third quarter were analyzed and cross referenced with mobile data.

Across industries, the company says, over 16 percent of sales driven by email happened on a mobile device. Of those mobile purchases, 56 percent happen on a tablet and the remainder on a smartphone.

In the tablet category, iPads account for more than 99 percent of sales.

While the average dollar amount of an order originating from email is lower on mobile devices, revenue per mobile click is almost double that of a desktop click.

“Emails opened on mobile have a better chance of reaching consumers at the right place and right time during the busy holiday shopping season,” explains Michael Fisher, president of Yesmail Interactive. “Marketers should recognize that ‘mobile’ doesn’t always equal ‘smartphone.’ Focus on tablet users for holiday campaigns, as 56 percent of mobile shoppers use tablets for their purchases.”