Food Lion Finds Mobile Marketing A “Nutritional” Alternative

Mobile marketing with a purpose beyond the almighty dollar rarely finds it’s way into the headlines. And although Food Lion LLC stands to benefit from their latest and highly imaginative marketing efforts, there may very well be tangible benefits to such endeavors beyond the bottom line.

To accompany the recent launch of “the Guiding Stars Nutrition Navigation System” throughout its Food Lion and Bloom stores, Food Lion LLC revealed Tuesday morning their upcoming mobile marketing tour called the “Guiding Stars 3 Star Kitchen,” which will be on the road visiting stores and community events throughout four states and the District of Columbia this summer and fall.

But the physically mobile component of the campaign will be complemented by the electronically mobile component that may include mobile coupons and games. For Food Lion, they certainly aren’t the first but they are the latest company to utilize the potential of mobile marketing to help popularize something that ordinarily may not be so cool (like health food instead of fast food).

“We are very pleased to have the Guiding Stars system in our stores now,” said Ken Mills, vice president of sales and marketing for Food Lion LLC. “A simple, at-a-glance way to shop nutritiously, Guiding Stars can be proven through the actual shopping experience, and this tour takes a sample experience out of the stores and into the community.”

Although a majority of major fast food chains have implemented similar mobile marketing efforts, it is remarkable to watch a relatively small business entity by comparison launch a successful campaign of practically competing messages. Although the impact will be lesser and of reduced magnitude, we are beginning to see signs of how mobile marketing -when wielded astutely – can be an invaluable equalizer in competitive markets.