FollowAnalytics Leveraging Machine Learning and Predictive Intelligence

Retail Marketers Have Much to Gain from Mobile Surveys Ahead of the Holiday Shopping SeasonFollowAnalytics, an Enterprise Mobile Success company, has just unveiled their new Mobile Optimization Suite which will rapidly escalate conversion rates, by self optimizing campaigns.

In addition, MMW has learned that FollowAnalytics has enhanced its engagement tools by adding custom messaging templates that allow marketers to create “beautifully branded, rich, immersive mobile experiences.”

Understanding the significance that testing plays in digital marketing, and the complexity that multivariate testing can introduce, FollowAnalytics’ new Mobile Optimization Suite leverages machine learning, and in-app and push messaging to allow marketing teams to send the most effective mobile communications possible to their audiences to increase mobile engagement.

According to a written announcement emailed to MMW, the suite includes:

  • Smart A/B Testing: We automatically select the sample size to be sure you’re getting the most statistically significant results in the fastest amount of time through easy-to-manage multivariate testing;
  • Segment-Based Optimization: In traditional A/B testing, whichever content wins the test is sent to the entire audience. In other words, if message A wins with a 51% lead, it still goes to everyone, leaving the other 49% with suboptimal content. But in order to test all your variants against possible segments, you would need a team of data scientists. We automatically test against each of your segments providing the best possible message to each user;
  • Message Classification: Label content and learn what styles and tones best appeal to and convert each segment;
  • Optimize AI: Over time the more tests you run, the more data our Optimize AI gathers, allowing it to predict outcomes and automatically assign content variants to your segments. The system gets smarter and smarter as your conversion rates go higher and higher.

“Industries such as finance, retail, banking and travel are now sending push notifications to millions of app users through their mobile devices. Marketers need an intelligent product that allows them to run multiple testing campaigns simultaneously, guaranteeing the right message goes to the right user at the right time,” said Samir Addamine, Founder and Chairman of FollowAnalytics. “FollowAnalytics is proud to introduce machine learning to automate the process, and we will continue to find ways to innovate and improve mobile engagement for enterprise marketers, going forward.”