FollowAnalytics Launches a Much Needed Mobile Marketing Scorecard

FollowAnalytics Launches a Much Needed Mobile ScorecardOne of the new mobile tools unveiled at last week’s Dreamforce 2014 was the Mobile Marketing Scorecard by FollowAnalytics. This new analytics tool, which will be free for its first 90 days, allows mobile marketers to access analytics for their mobile marketing campaigns gathered by nine key mobile marketing metrics.

The metrics include rankings, ratings, engagement, promotion, freshness, activity, visibility, and sentiment. This allows mobile marketers to create a much needed benchmark in the world of mobile marketing.

“Every marketer can benefit from the Mobile Marketing Scorecard because they can benchmark their mobile brand against competitors and continually improve app customer engagement. We access 18-months of stored mobile data for apps in App Store and Google Play and other sources, that our algorithms are continually crunching to deliver powerful insights,” says Samir Addamine, CEO of FollowAnalytics.

The primary goal of the Mobile Marketing Scorecard is to give businesses access to vital information regarding their current mobile marketing efforts. The results will allow businesses and mobile marketers to revamp their mobile campaigns for maximum success.