Flurry’s AppSpot Hits The Spot with Mobile App Publishers

Flurry is seeing a flurry of user activity in response to the mobile analytics firm’s new AppSpot platform.

Venture Beat confirmed Friday that more than a thousand mobile app publishers have signed up in just the last three weeks.

“We were stunned at how much response we had,” Simon Khalaf, the chief executive of Flurry says.

AppSpot, which is a data-powered app ad platform, is clearly proving itself to be ideal for applications with advertising revenue models.

Flurry AppSpot generates more advertising revenue for your app. Leveraging the world’s largest app data set on consumer usage – collected from more than 700 million mobile smartphones and tablets per month through Flurry Analytics – AppSpot serves highly targeted ads that result in more clicks, conversions and revenue.

“For those with smaller app audiences,” Flurry says, “AppSpot fills your app with high-performing ads from Flurry AppCircle, Flurry’s audience-data powered ad network. As your app audience grows, AppSpot seamlessly scales to manage multiple ad networks, cross-promote apps and much more.”

To see exactly what the “much more” entails, be sure to check out Flurry’s AppSpot page to see for yourself.