Flurry Stats Show Rush Of Android Development

flurry-android-statsThe tech world is buzzing with news of the latest Android developments, from the upcoming Motorola Droid to Google’s upcoming Maps with navigation app, it seems to have stolen the spotlight in recent weeks.

With an onslaught of new devices running Android 2.0 in the pipeline from numerous carriers worldwide, development within the Android community is growing at breakneck speeds.  Mobile analytics firm Flurry released stats recently showing just how much developers are jumping on the Android bandwagon.

In just one month, from September to October, Flurry data shows that the number of Android project starts has almost doubled.  The boom began with the launch of the MyTouch, Hero and Cliq devices, and is getting even stronger with the upcoming launch of the Droid from Motorola- the first device to run Android 2.0.

App development for the iPhone has been in the spotlight for a long time, but developing an iPhone app means it’s only usable on one device.  While that one device has an enormous reach, it won’t match the reach Android will have in the very near future.  It’s estimated that by the end of next year, there will be at least 40 devices running Android on the market.

While iPhone app development will never go by the wayside, I think we’ll see a shift in development with most developers porting their apps for both the iPhone and Android.  As time marches on and the industry evolves, whichever platform remains the most effective and lucrative will capture the most developers.  All in all, iPhones and Android-based devices will never phase each other out, but it’ll be a fun battle to watch.