Flurry Rolls Out AppCircle for Consumer Re-Engagement

While consumer engagement is important, consumer re-engagement is equally important. With growing and sustaining consumer relationships at the heart of the venture, Flurry – a leader in app audience growth and monetization – has announced AppCircle Re-Engagement for iOS apps.

According to a press release issued by Flurry, AppCircle Re-Engagement enables app makers to identify, target and bring back their best users from other applications.

Simply put, Flurry AppCircle Re-Engagement campaigns empower app makers to run campaigns targeting consumers who have previously downloaded their apps, solving an underlying traffic acquisition challenge that has hampered the industry.

For the first time, companies have an effective advertising solution to influence their app traffic beyond initial user acquisition, Flurry says.

Until now, to grow an app audience, app makers have depended solely on buying costly, burst campaigns in the hopes of reaching a Top 25 list in the App Store, after which they hope to receive additional “organic” downloads. Combining the initial burst campaign cost with additional downloads from ranking in a top chart position, the campaign cost could be justified. However, with severely rising app competition and advertising prices, this shotgun strategy is fast becoming cost prohibitive.

“The industry has long believed it has a discovery problem, but it doesn’t. It has a traffic acquisition problem,” says Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf. “Month after month, consumers are downloading record numbers of applications. This tells us that they’re discovering apps just fine. What the industry has been missing is the ability to control its own audience growth destiny, by reaching back out to the right users – their best users – and bringing them back to their apps.”

Flurry says that AppCircle Re-Engagement – just like AppCircle – is a performance-based advertising solution, for which advertisers pay a Cost-Per-Re-Engagement (CPR). Advertisers pay only when targeted users launch the app they are promoting. CPR pricing starts at $0.50.