Flurry: More than a Billion Apps Downloaded Between Christmas and New Years Day

It’s been announced by mobile analytics firm Flurry that more than one billion mobile applications were downloaded during the week between Christmas day and New Years day, shattering the one-week record for mobile app downloads by a long shot.

According to the data, over 1.2B apps were downloaded across iOS and Android devices alone, representing a full 60 percent increase when compared to early December.  Though a huge rise in downloads was expected as millions of consumers unwrapped their new iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices on Christmas Day, this year was by far the highest jump ever recorded by Flurry.

Most of the downloads came from the U.S. and a handful of Western countries, with China coming in at second place behind the U.S followed by the U.K, Canada and Germany to round out the top five.  China alone saw 99 million downloads, which is relatively small compared to China’s overall installed base and the fact that it’s the second largest mobile app ecosystem in the world.  Still, given the fact that Christmas isn’t widely celebrated in China, it shows just how accelerated the worldwide mobile app market is shaping up to be as we enter 2012.