Flurry Launches AppCircle, A “Cross Selling Network For Mobile Apps”

Flurry has launched a mobile app recommendation and promotion service called “AppCircle,” which is being dubbed the “first cross selling network for mobile apps,” and uses the power and reach of Flurry analytics as a discovery engine.

In essence, AppCircle allows developers to promote and monetize their mobile apps regardless of app store ranking, and by using Flurry analytics, the service leverages an intelligent recommendation engine to recommend the right app to the right user and the right time, thereby increasing awareness of otherwise buried apps.

“Flurry’s approach to solving discovery speaks directly to a pain point raised by many of our clients looking to launch iPhone applications,” said Paul Gelb, Razorfish national manager, emerging media.  “And because of its targeting technology, AppCircle helps companies acquire users that they’ll likely retain longer.”

Flurry Analytics, a service used by 45,000 applications on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and J2ME platforms is at the heart of AppCircle, which then selects and serves the best application to consumers based on aggregated usage.  As a result, consumers receive recommendations only for apps that are likely to be of high interest, creating an efficient marketplace where publisher conversions are high and promoter acquisition costs are low.

“Discovery and monetization are the top two concerns among our 30,000 customers” said Simon Khalaf, Flurry president and chief executive officer. “AppCircle effectively addresses both of these problems. AppCircle charges for acquired customers not clicks, and app publishers further monetize their audience in a way that compliments any business model.”

As more an more mobile apps hit the market, consolidation of platforms and technologies continue to take place, and other contributing factors play in, we’ll undoubtedly see the need for concepts and strategies to organize the confusion and help consumers cut through the noise.  Discovery and recommendation engines will start to play a huge role in how consumers find and interact with mobile apps, and analytics companies like Flurry are in a prime position to lead the pack.