Flurry Launches Analytics 3.0 With Audience Segmentation and “Demographic Estimation”

Mobile analytics powerhouse Flurry has launched version 3.0 of its platform, adding several high-level feature updates along with audience segmentation and demographic estimation.

With the added feature-set, developers can easily segment their audiences and target their most valuable segments with the right products and services.  Developers can segment audiences based on location, age, gender, app category interests and usage, giving them visibility into how different groups use their applications and respond to different programs.

The new platform ships with pre-defined usage segments to give developers immediate insight into their heavy, medium and occasional users.  With this view, developers can understand what aspects of the application these segments use most.  Developers can also create their own custom segments to conduct deep cohort analysis, evaluate the performance of user acquisition campaigns and measure segment by segment retention, for example.

Beyond audience segmentation, Flurry 3.0 now includes what’s known as “Flurry estimates,” which provides information on things like the age group and gender of app audiences based on a core sample and extrapolation algorithms.  This additional segmentation info adds to existing geographical and behavioral segmentation already available in the Flurry platform.

“In two short years, mobile applications have crossed the chasm from fad to formidable mass media channel, now challenging the web in terms of reach, and television in terms of engagement,” said Simon Khalaf, Flurry’s president and chief executive. “Adding audience segmentation features to our audience measurement platform, we empower Flurry publishers to increase their audience size through better media and in-app-purchase sales.”